GK Questions and Answers on Guinness World Records

GK Questions and Answers on Guinness World Records

World Record is defined as the best performance recorded in the whole world and verified by the experts. Earlier Guinness World Record was known as The Guinness Book of Records from its inception in 1955 till 1998. In this book all the world records are listed annually and itself the book made a world record as best selling copyrighted book of all time. It is published in 100 countries in 23 languages. In 2017 it is in the year of its 63rd publication.

1.Who made the calendar to calculate the days of any date from 0001 to infinity?

A.Himmat Bhardwaj

B.Neerajan Jain

C.Rajesh Gharat

D.Rajan Pilley


2.Name the person who created Indian record by performing for 13hrs 40mins singing marathon and sang 151 songs of Kishore Kumar’s songs?

A.Krishna prem

B.Shailesh Siddhatekkar

C.Vishal Jalan

D.Srikanth Krishnan Nair


3.American Lee Redmond who holds the world record for longest fingernails ever on a woman belongs to which country?



C.South Africa



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4.What is Pawan Kumar Dhillon profession? He set a record of breaking a Glass Bottles by Gulel (slingshot) while travelling standing on bike blindfolded ?






5.Name the person who holds the records of consuming 26,000 McDonald’s Big Mac?

A.Donald  Gorske

B.Adam Wright

C.George Pearce

D.Jack Thompson


6.Karsten Maas created the longest golf club, how feet long the golf club is?

A.11 feet, 3 inches in length

B.14 feet, 5 inches in length

C.9 feet, 3 inches in length

D.14 feet, 9 inches in length

Ans. B

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7.What is the nickname of Nick Stoeberl whose name is mentioned in the Guinness world record book for having the longest tongue?

A.The Twister

B.The Tongue Master

C.The Lick

D.None of the above


8.Name the person who holds the records for been the oldest men striper at the age of 60?

A.Bernard Barker

B.Gregory Jacobs

C.Nick Wechsler

D.Betsy Brandt


9.Who hold the record for the largest collection of  ballpoint pens ?

A.Angelika Unverhau

B.Aeldit  Unvehau

C.Avyce Unvehau

D.Alyse  Unvehau


10.Sultan Kosen who is the tallest living man and also owns the world record for what ?

A.Largest Mole

B.Largest Nose

C.Largest hand

D.Largest Head

Ans. C

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