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What is Surgical Strike?

What is Surgical Strike? “We sleep because Soldiers are awake, we live because they die.’ A set of society, which breathe and bleed nation, the army, is the only reason of our peace.” India is a soft state, but always act or carried out harsh steps like surgical strike and …

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Functions of Enforcement Directorate

Enforcement Directorate (ED Logo) As of now the term ‘Enforcement Directorate’ is most sought after in Indian politics. But most of the general peoples are not aware about this term. So in this article we have explained the meaning and functions of the Enforcement Directorate which is popularly known as …

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What is Money Laundering and how is it done?

Money Laundering History of Money Laundering: The term “money laundering” originated from the Mafia group in the United States. Mafia groups have made huge amounts of extortion, gambling, etc. and this money is shown as legal money. Money laundering is a buzz word in the Indian politics in the current …

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What is Chit Fund and how does it work?

Chit Fund Meaning Meaning of Chit Fund: Chit fund is defined as per the Section 2(b) of the Chit Fund Act, 1982. According to this act; A chit fund is a type of rotating savings and agreement among different persons i.e. friends, relatives, neighbours and family members to subscribe a …

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