Complete Notes on Social Studies

Social Studies is one of the very Important subjects of RTET, HTET, CTET & KVS exam. Most of the candidates cannot score well in this section because of Incomplete knowledge of the subject and lack of study material. This is Easy & Theoretical subject and students can score well in this section if have cleared all concept. TET & CTET Exam 60 question asked from the Social Studies section. In this section, students can easily score more than 45 Marks. In this section, the question asked from History, Geography, Social Studies pedagogy, Polity & Social Life.
Here, we are providing important Complete study notes on Social Studies which will be very helpful for all the CTET, TN TET & HPTET Exam Exam 2017.

Complete Social Studies Note:

Note Related to History 

1. Notes on Indian Independence & National Movement
2. Note on European in India
3. Note on Chalukyas Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty
4. Note on Mughal Empire
5. Note on Viceroys of India
6. Note on Delhi Sultanate Part – 1
7. Note on Delhi Sultanate Part – 2
8. Note on Bahmani and Vijayanagara Kingdoms
9. Notes on Buddhism & Jainism

Notes Related to Geography 

1. Road Transport of India
2. Note on Deserts of the world
3. International Boundary Lines

Notes Related to Political & Social Life

1. Note on Indian Constitution
2. Notes on Vice President of India

Note Related Social studies pedagogy

1. Study notes on Social Studies Pedagogy
2. Note on Concept of Teaching

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December 31, 2017

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