Complete Notes on Science for CTET & UPTET Exam

Science is one of the very Important subjects of CTET & UPTET Exams. Most of the candidates cannot score well in this section because of Incomplete knowledge of subject & syllabus. This is very Fact-based & Theoretical subject and students can score well in this section if have cleared all concept. In CTET & TET exam 30 question asked from the Science section. In this section, students can easily score more than 20 Marks. Here, we are providing important Complete study notes on Science which will be very helpful for all the CTET & State TET Exam 2017.

Complete Science Note:

Science subject question asked only upper primary level teacher exam. In this subject, the question will ask only CTET & TET Paper – II. Complete topic wise Study notes are given below.

Study Note Related to Science Topic

Complete Notes on Science for CTET & UPTET Exam

Notes on Natural Resource
Note on Health & Disease
Material on Metals and Non-Metals
Notes on Material

Study Note Related to Science Pedagogy

Notes on Science Pedagogy

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